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Deaf and Literacy

One of the main challenges we face is field of deafness concerns the area of literacy. Unfortunately, the average level of literacy for high school graduates is in the area of grade three to grade five, grade level equivalence. This is a finding that appears all over the world and is not peculiar to Canada. Of course there are significant numbers of Deaf persons who de achieve high level of literacy but unfortunately the average level is distressingly low...

From the video
« Literacy for the Deaf»,

by Jamie C. MacDougall, the Canadian Deafness Research and Training Institute

According to the Canadian Association of the Deaf, the percentage of people with low literacy skills is increased to 65 % among the Deaf persons.

Low literacy is believed to be one of the major causes of unemployment among the deaf people; therefore, the Deaf community considers that literacy is one of very important issues for the community.
...An important point to consider in the context of deafness and literacy is the impact of the educational system on the deaf child. Educators and other professionals are bitterly divided on whether or not to concentrate exclusively on oral (speech and hearing) means of communication or whether sign language has a role to play...

Click Click here to read full text of the article: «Literacy and Deafness: A Challenge for the Millenium»
by Jamie C. MacDougall
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Literacy and Disabilities
« Despite rapid advances in technology and learning tools, people with disabilities are still being left behind on their journey towards literacy..
A definition of literacy...

    Literacy is a complex set of abilities needed to understand and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture – alphabets, numbers, visual icons - for personal and community development. The nature of these abilities, and the demand for them, vary from one context to another.
    In a technological society, literacy extends beyond the functional skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening to include multiple literacies such as visual, media and information literacy. These new literacies focus on an individual’s capacity to use and make critical judgements about the information they encounter on a daily basis.
    However a culture defines it, literacy touches every aspect of individual and community life. It is an essential foundation for learning through life, and must be valued as a human right.

Deaf Anglo Literacy center supports the Together Against Illiteracy campaign.

The national strategy "Together Against Illiteracy"

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