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The Center provides Basic Literacy and Communication Skills to the Deaf
Deaf Anglo Literacy Center offers literacy, mathematics, computer skills, and life skills workshops for deaf and deaf blind persons. Because they can help to succeed at work, in personal life and in the community, these skills are very useful in the every day lives of Deaf people.

All our workshops are given in American Sign Language (ASL) by Deaf instructors in order that the participants can better understand material.

Unlike traditional schools, the instructing in the center is more flexible and adapted to the needs of deaf participants. Similarly, training and educational materials are created and adapted for deaf literacy learners.

Participants attending our workshops feel less lonely and more socially involved. They are encouraged to take part in DALC’s activities, workshops and meetings. As a result, our participants have more self confidence and self-esteem.

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Click to watch the video and read the story "Maxim"; a site with exercises.

                Our Objectives
• Offer literacy courses for the Deaf   and    Deaf Blind Anglophones
• Facilitate the independence of the   Deaf and Deaf Blind in society by   improving their skills in Reading,   Writing and Arithmetic
• Adapt appropriate teaching   materials    for the deaf and deaf   blind
• Prevent the illiteracy

DALC is attentive to the needs of its participants and reacts accordingly to their strength and knowledge that they already have. Our center maintains an environment that encourages and supports the exchange of knowledge between participants

Any person who is deaf and wants to improve his/her English reading and writing skills, to master basic mathematics skills, or to learn how to use a computer and the Internet can join our literacy workshops.

Leaving home to attend Deaf Anglo Literacy Center is a great way to learn new things and meet new friends!

All our workshops are free and open to anyone!        
Funding for this web site was provided to the DALC through the Federal-Provincial Literacy Initiatives Program
(IFPCA - Les Initiatives fédérales-provinciales conjointes en matière d’alphabétisation)

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