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Activities of Our Center

          Field Trips and Outings
From time to time the Center provides educational field trips and outings. The DALC’s participants, accompanied by an ASL interpreter, visit factories, expositions, museums and other places. These trips are open to the other members of the deaf community and they often take part in these activities.

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DALC’s Library
    Deaf Anglo Literacy Center has its own small library of which we are very proud. The library consists of a collection of classic books by authors such as Jack London, Mark Twain and others, a collection of children’s literature, text books, dictionaries and thesauruses, encyclopedias, educational videos in ASL, some journals, and maps.     
   The most popular books among our participants are those dealing with deaf culture and ASL language. In fact, «Deaf Heritage in Canada» and «The Canadian Dictionary of ASL» are the most consulted books in our library.
   Participants of the Center can read these books in the classroom or borrow them home with no strict limit of time.
Everyone is welcome to the library!

          Informative Workshops

Our Center organizes informative workshops for its participants and the deaf community. Social workers, attorneys, medical specialists, and other professionals are invited to give workshops on a variety of subjects, which are very educational and informative for the deaf. The participants are encouraged to participate in discussion, ask questions and share their concerns. If a lecturer is hearing person, an ASL interpreter is provided.

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